Editorial: Master Plan needs plan for funding

As NIU administrators gather ideas for the Master Plan Thesis’ finances, they should stress raising funds through student enrollment and fees instead of private donations and state funding.

The Master Plan Thesis is an initiative to revitalize the campus and its appearance. The administrators must consider where to prioritize finances they receive. It’s important they provide a clear financial plan to students, faculty and staff. Administrators shouldn’t rule out private donations and state funding to finance the Master Plan, but tuition and fees are far more sustainable.

It’s also vital for administration to deliver a clear financial plan for the Master Plan Thesis to students and residents by the beginning of the fall semester.

After the financial plans are prioritized and sent to the student body, administrators should spend money on residence halls or academic buildings, depending on whether the proposed two-year residency requirement passes.

If two-year residency is OK’d, administrators should put NIU’s earnings toward improving the residence halls. The increase of students living in the halls would mean they will be used more frequently and buildings will need more maintenance.

If the two-year requirement fails, NIU should improve academic buildings. Many students use buildings that need renovation, like the leaking roofs in DuSable Hall, the Campus Life Building and the Art Building.

NIU should keep its goals prioritized and financially realistic as the Master Plan Thesis gains momentum.