Program explores leadership

By Alissa Jacob

Women of color are being given an opportunity to better their personal and professional development to succeed in college at De Mujer a Mujer.

De Mujer a Mujer is being hosted by the Latina Assistance Program Saturday. The event will be noon to 6 p.m. in the Holmes Student Center’s Regency Room.

The Latina Assistance Program will teach women leadership techniques and educate them about keeping up with their culture and overall wellness. The program is to support services to women in the area and help the retention and graduation statistics of women in high school and college.

Samantha Galicia, student director for the De Mujer a Mujer program, said the program was a great way to influence women on how they need to grow.

“I just thought it helped because being a freshman last year, I didn’t know how to budget my time. I see now what it takes with all the planning,” Galicia said. “It is helping me develop myself professionally, as well.”

Lizbeth Roman, board member and public relations for the De Mujer a Mujer program, was involved with organization of the event.

“I feel it is a good program because it is so unique and we are one … university in the state that has it,” Roman said.

The event will start with the first breakout session, It’s not Arrogance … It’s Confidence, at 1:30 p.m. Organizers will praise the achievements of women and inspire them to continue thriving professionally and personally.

The session Less is More will show women how to dress in a professional setting while including their culture in their outfit.

The second session, which begins at 2:45 p.m., is the Best of Both Worlds, which teaches attendees how to live bilingually and how to balance college and home life.

The other part of the session, Taking Care of Yourself, will help women create healthy relationships, know how to take care of their bodies, minds and spirits and create an equilibrium between life and work.

Angelica Mendoza, assistant director for the Latino Resource Center, said the center’s mission is to provide social support to women students.