‘Muppets,’ ‘Divergent’ bring comedy, suspense to theaters

By Pat Quinn

“Muppets Most Wanted”

The Muppets are back and travel across the globe in their latest movie.

There is a criminal mastermind who happens to be Kermit the Frog’s look-a-like, and he’s stealing priceless items. Kermit is framed and he must find a way to bring his evil twin to justice.

The movie stars Ricky Gervais, whose actions are always being questioned; Ty Burrell as an Interpol agent; and Tina Fey playing Nadya, a prison guard with lots of attitude.

There is some uncertainty with these actors and the Muppets: The comedy seems forced between the puppets and the rest of the cast members. Although “The Muppets” did well in 2011, taking the cast into foreign territory may not highlight these vintage characters in the same way as other shows and films.

The secret agent spoofs and jokes making fun of films from “Jaws” and “James Bond” seem entertaining, but I think the cameos from P. Diddy, Lady Gaga and Zach Galifianakis are overkill. This Muppet movie may be a flop like the 2000 revival of “The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle.”


“Divergent,” a Veronica Roth novel, is hitting the big screen this weekend. The sci-fi series is set in a futuristic Chicago where there is a series of scientific tests each person takes to be put in his or her faction, where the person will spend the rest of his or her life.

Tris, played by Shailene Woodley, is a girl who doesn’t quite fit into the five factions and discovers she is a Divergent. Woodley’s strength makes her perfect for the role of Tris, who seeks more from life and is willing to go the distance.

The Erudites’ mission is to take down all Divergents because they ruin the perfect society that has been made. This film has a lot of action and even more interesting characters.

Lately, book-to-film adaptations have been popular. With its strong fan base, “Divergent” has the potential to be the next hottest series and can give “The Hunger Games” a run for its money.