Sycamore city to spend $300,000 on well-house

Sycamore city to spend $300,000 on well-house

By Colin Finnegan

The city will transfer $300,000 from the Sewer Fund to pay for the construction of a well-house.

Sycamore City Council has announced the city will be constructing a well-house over Well No. 10 starting this spring.

First Ward Alderman Alan Bauer said there are several advantages of the well-house, such as increasing water pressure on the north side of town, giving the city more capacity and room to grow and making the city a safer place by allowing firemen the ability to put out major fires.

According to the city’s website, the transfer of money will be repaid to the Sewer Fund during the 2015 fiscal year.

The well-house construction should not impact water bill rates for Sycamore residents.

Third Ward Alderman Gregory Taylor said the impact of building the well-house is positive.

“The well-house should coincide with increased water pressure and reduced insurance rates,” Taylor said.

The switching of money is known as an interfund transfer. Bauer said the transfer is not out of the ordinary.

“We have been using interfund transfers as needed, and we always make sure to do it by the books so that the transfer can be repaid quickly,” Bauer said.

Stephen Gosciejew, 19, of Sycamore, said the capital project is a good idea as long as the sewer system is in good shape.

According to Sycamore’s council agenda, the Sewer Fund is still paying back three loans. A 2009 IPA Loan requires the Sewer Fund to pay $194,852 yearly, and that loan will not be fully repaid until 2031.

The other two loans are expected to be repaid sometime during the 2015 fiscal year.