February fashion: iridescent, wool ties, Bieber hair


By Aymie Telinski

It’s time to update your closet with some fashionable February trends.

Women have several trends to look forward to this month.


Iridescent is a great fabric to give your outfit a colorful pop on cold winter days. Designer lines like Lanvin and Marc by Marc Jacobs include a shocking fabric in their colorful clothing. If you want to wear this trend make sure you rock a neutral color or even black with it, or you might end up looking like a walking disco ball.


Pastels make outfits look adorable and are a refreshing reminder spring is just around the corner.

If wearing a printed fabric, pastel will calm it down and help the outfit from looking too loud.

Pastels add a soft feminine touch to an outfit. They also pair great with sparkles, which is always a great thing.

Aztec print

February is the perfect month for this decorative print. The fabric adds pops of color and shapes to almost any outfit.

Wear a maxi Aztec print dress with a vest or cardigan. This gives a casual look with minimal effort.

February is a stylish time for men’s fashion, too.

Wool ties

Sadly, winter isn’t quite over yet, but wool ties are a great look with any layered outfit. Pair gray wool ties with plaid or white button-downs. The trend is chic and will keep you warm.

Justin Bieber’s mug shot hair

Hate on the Biebs all you want, but his mug shot hair was really working for him. Even after drag racing, his hair managed to stay perfectly coiffed. A suggestion: Skip the mug shot and go for a selfie.

Jewel tones

A dark color scheme has been popular this red carpet season. These rich colors can make any boring winter day colorful. Designers at Prada and Armani have incorporated the colors into all of their runway shows. Wearing two jewel shades might clash, and you’ll end up looking like a walking rainbow.