‘Thief’ steals gamers’ hearts

By Josh Alfrey

A 16-year-old video game franchise rises from the darkness Tuesday with the release of the stealthy, single-player “Thief.”

In the game, the less action the player sees, the better. As a thief, Garrett needs to traverse through a Victorian city using his wit and gadgets to go unseen. Although stealing valuable items may be the name of the game, there appears to be a darker mystery plaguing the residents of the city.

“Thief’s” graphics looks exceptional as it is one of the first big next-gen titles released this year. Distinct shadow textures envelope this game in a dark world where the removal of light can help the player in his misdeeds.

Gone are the days of the hovering torso. As the player looks down, they can actually see the character’s vastly detailed lower body tip-toeing through the dead-silent homes. The floor may creak, but smart positioning will bring players closer to their loot.

Expressive music builds while Garrett hides in the shadows and tension increases. It plays with the emotions of the player while they try to stay as quiet as possible throughout the game. The slightest bump of the bass puts the player on edge. Each takedown is followed by the slam of a drum and makes the danger of action even more real.

As a marriage between the games “Assassin’s Creed” and “Dishonored,” players who love to control their personal flow of the game will appreciate “Thief.” The decisions are ultimately in their hands. They decide which guards to take down or if sneaking through the rafters is the best idea.

There is a lot of trust being given to developers Eidos-Montréal to continue this long-dead franchise; however, their experiences with the critically acclaimed game “Deus Ex: Human Revolution” proved their prowess in bringing back series considered gone for good. Many fans would be happy to see even a sliver of the depth and atmosphere the studio brought to “Deus Ex” in the new “Thief.”

The market has had a drought in the stealth game category, and “Thief” is finally here to fill that niche across all platforms.