Upcoming career fairs help students find jobs

By Kelley Byrne

Career Services’ upcoming fairs will help match students with internships and jobs.

Career Services will host the Internship Fair on Feb. 18, Full-Time Job Fair on Feb. 19 and the Educators’ Job Fair on Feb. 24. Workshops — ABCs of Getting an Internship Monday and Prepare for the Career Fairs on Feb. 12 — will help students prepare for the fairs.


At the workshops, students will be coached on interviewing and meeting with an employer.

“At the ABCs of Getting an Internship, students that come to that event will hear employers and from students who have been in internships before,” said Brandon Lagana, Career Services strategic planning and analysis director. “They get a chance to really interact with people who have had the success of landing internships, hearing about their experiences. It gives the ins and outs of what students will need to do in order to be successful in finding an internship.”

Career Services also offers mock interviews and appointments for a resume review.

“Students can apply ahead of time for positions that employers have listed on the Huskies Get Hired system, then they can use the Career Fair as a followup,” Lagana said.

Preparing for the fair

Meyers said that although a student’s resume may be online, it is just as important to bring one to the fairs.

“Students should bring plenty of resumes, they should dress professionally, and they should do some research before they come to the event,” said Mary Myers, Career Services campus and employer relations director.

The Career Resource Center in the Campus Life Building also offers a walk-in resume review for students. Career Services will provide tours of the fairs for students who are not ready to apply for internships but would like to be exposed to the environment, Lagana said.

Sophomore undecided major Daisy Patino said she has interest in the career fairs.

“I’d like to see what’s out there, see what kind of people are hiring, see what kind of jobs I could find. Because they are here, so I’m guessing they are looking for students,” Patino said.

Kyaw Maw, senior industrial management major, said the career fairs could be beneficial to students.

“Some of them will train you during that internship, and from that experience you can get a better resume,” Maw said.