Boy meets Gluten-free girl

By Pat Quinn

Classic story: Boy met girl, boy invited girl to dinner, girl has gluten allergy. This is the story of a gluten-free date.

The guy thought about what he could possibly make for this girl, but pasta, sandwiches and pizza were a no go. The guy wanted it to be a surprise, so he experimented with chicken and potatoes.

That seemed pretty generic, though. To spice it up, literally and figuratively, he chose to make Rice Krispies chicken. The main alteration is he used gluten-free Rice Krispies.

The chicken is prepared with garlic, salt and pepper. After seasoning, it is lightly coated with butter or margarine. The crushed Rice Krispies are added last. The chicken is topped with parsley. The chicken is baked in the oven for 35 to 45 minutes, depending on how thick the chicken is, at 375 degrees.

Baked potatoes are a great and easy side. The guy washed the potatoes and scored them with fork before wrapping them in aluminum foil. The potatoes sat in the oven for an hour at 375 degrees. He then dressed the baked potatoes with salt and cheese.

Dessert was a different story. Frozen yogurt seemed pretty logical. Cupcakes, cookies and just about anything of that nature was out of the question. The remainder of the night consisted of movies and Netflix.

The cost of the dinner was $17, not including the wine and Netflix subscription. Allergies should not be taken lightly, but it is very simple and practical to get around them and still accommodate and impress a family member, friend or significant other. It doesn’t take much to have a romantic evening. That was how the guy survived a gluten-free date.