Campus Radio looks for more listener support

By Lark Lewis

Campus Live Radio is looking to expand its broadcast and its audience.

Sponsored by the Black Student Union, Campus Live Radio is streamed online twice a week through its Tumblr account.

The station has coined the phrases “Turn Up Tuesdays” and “What’s the Word Wednesdays” for some of its programs.

“We broadcast twice a week; Tuesdays at 9 p.m. and Wednesdays at 1:30 p.m.,” said Rainn Darring, Campus Live radio host. “We’re working on broadcasting on Sundays.”

Campus Live Radio also encourages listeners to voice their support of the station with the “My Voice” program.

This feature allows listeners to record themselves talking about how much they enjoy Campus Live Radio and potentially get their messages played on air.

“It was created about four years ago by students who saw a need for a black voice on campus,” said Kittie Morris, Campus Live Radio president. “It was an outlet to bring everyone together.”

Many of the hosts are already getting a jump on their careers by working in their field.

“I’m a communication major and I wanted to become a part of [Campus Live Radio],” said Lonzell Wright, Campus Live Radio host. “I met new people, and we have a lot of people involved from Chicago and other universities, not just NIU.”

Morris said he’s always had a big personality but he didn’t really know he could turn it into a constructive hobby.

“I wanted to challenge myself to do creative things, let the campus know what’s going on and to entertain people,” Morris said.

The station offers a chance for students to voice their opinions.

“I loved the opportunity to help give a voice to [NIU’s] African American community,” Darring said. “We weren’t being heard.”

Campus Live Radio promotes events on campus, usually coinciding with the Black Student Union’s events calendar.

Each of the hosts have Twitter and Tumblr accounts linked to Campus Live Radio’s website so viewers and listeners can tell them what they want to hear and can communicate during the show.

“I want Campus Live Radio to be the voice of NIU. I want to take it so much further,” Morris said. “I want to expand it and to be a place where students can come and guest star and host.”