Top apps worth the addiction

By Pat Quinn

Just because “Flappy Bird” went under doesn’t mean other apps aren’t thriving. Four gaming apps lead the iTunes chart.

1. “Splashy Fish”

Users navigate a fish who passes through a series of ancient-looking pillars in “Splashy Fish.” This game is about breaking records, and the game is addictive.

This “Flappy Bird” knockoff has the same vintage video game quality, concept and objective. “Splashy Fish” has design features and characters that resemble the Super Mario Bros. games. Not having a menu to the game is a definite plus because players can jump right into the game with a single tap.

2. “Ironpants”

In “Ironpants,” players attempt to coast through stacked crates at a heightened speed.

“Ironpants” has the exact same objective as “Splashy Fish.” E2applets developers jumped on board with the trending arcade style. The developers decided to make the game include a superhero for an icon instead of a fish.

The advertising for this app is not on the lower edge of the screen like most free games. It pops up in the middle of playing, which is beyond obnoxious. How is this the No. 2 app?

3. “City Bird”

Users elude buildings as two birds in “City Bird.” You can beat your previous high scores by tapping the bird past structures.

This sounds all too familiar. Just like the other games on the market, “City Bird” shares simple yet addictive quality with the prior games; however, the app looks refreshing. It’s 3-D, the color is vivid and there’s more than one bird to look at. This app should be No. 2.

4. “Unroll Me”

The No. 4 app noticeably separates itself from the top three.

“Unroll Me” makes players move a white ball from point A to point B using a series of slotted passages.

The issue is it’s not only a puzzle to move the ball, but the game is timed. Once the first piece is moved, the ball begins moving incredibly slow. With each piece moved, the ball gradually increases in speed.

This game is not the most downloaded, but it’s up there for most intense. The timing element really adds to the game and makes players think and act quickly. Yes, “Unroll Me” shares a simplistic quality with the previous ones, but the game shouldn’t be overlooked.