Twitch Plays feature is needed on more games games

By Josh Alfrey

While I pray to the Helix Fossil every night, the popularity of Twitch Plays Pokémon has opened the door for massive single-player games to emerge.

Here are a few roleplaying games that could be equal parts ridiculous and fun to play through the Twitch Plays functions. Twitch Plays gives gamers the ability to command a game in chat.

“Final Fantasy Legend II” (Game Boy)

This game’s similarities to Pokémon Red and Blue offer a point of familiarity when it comes to the Twitch Plays controls.

Thanks to the Game Boy, “Final Fantasy Legend II” has a simple format with a directional pad and A and B buttons. This way, there’s nothing new to fuss with. It’s a natural fit for another massive social experiment.

“Final Fantasy Legend II” would bring a story-focused element to the play, which would be a great change of pace. Character development would be thrown into the grinder, though, when controlled by the insanity of Twitch chat. Regardless, the game would be incredible.

“Final Fantasy Legend II’s” detailed and expansive world would allow the game to be played for hours on end.

“Fire Emblem”(Game Boy Advance)

A playthrough of “Fire Emblem” could be completely awe-inspiring or an utter disaster — most likely the latter, but I’m still willing to take the risk.

Classic mode would be the only option for the Twitch Plays world. In this mode, if the player’s characters die in the game, they are dead for good. The tension of approaching Bill’s PC in Twitch Plays Pokémon would extend the entirety of this game. The gamers will never know which one of their friends they will lose next.

As fun and infuriating as a “Fire Emblem” run would be, it would also feature a multitude of story cutscenes, which may fall deafly on a massively single-player audience. This game may do even better with a 1,000-player audience instead of Pokémon’s 50,000.

“EarthBound” (Super Nintendo Entertainment System)

As cult classic games go, “EarthBound” may be king.

A role-playing game starring the Super Smash Bros. favorite, Ness, would be a shoe-in for a Twitch Plays series.

The game’s great artwork and catchy music isn’t the only reason this is my top pick, though. “EarthBound’s” quirky and wild enemies bring their own nostalgic comedy into the mix. Its ’90s pop culture references would have any hipster trying to get their hands on this series.

“EarthBound’s” Twitch playthrough would come full circle as soon as the chat took down its first new-age retro hippie.