Faculty musicians show their talent, experience

By Nate Linhart

The Music Building’s Recital Hall had a lot of talent and experience being demonstrated and experience Friday night during the Faculty Recital.

Faculty members Mark Ponzo, Jeremy Moeller and JeongSoo Kim performed a recital Friday at the Music Building’s Recital Hall, 550 Lucinda Ave.

The recital opened with the three performing “The Friendly Rivals.”

They each got equal playing time, with trumpeter Ponzo and pianist Kim partaking in the most duets of the night. Some other duets included “Fantasia Brilliante on the Air Rule Britannia” and “Cleopatra.”

Ponzo organized the event.

“It’s a demonstration of pieces that we’ve worked on together,” Ponzo said. “Most of the pieces that we’re doing are kind of turn-of-the-century late 1800s, early 1900s.”

The recital was held to spread the word of Moeller joining the faculty.

“He joined the faculty three years ago, so we set up these recitals … so that people, directors, professional teachers in the area, know that he’s on our faculty. That was the actual motivation behind it,” Ponzo said.

Moeller, who plays the trombone, was the only one to get the night’s solo act when he played “Fantasy for Trombone, Op. 101.”

Sam Doran, freshman in the music department, appreciated Moeller’s solo performance.

“It was awesome,” Doran said. “I liked the short movements and just the contrast between the short sections of it.”

Moeller hopes attendees can get a lot from his performances.

“For the students, I believe, it’s more important,” Moeller said. “A major part of studying music is listening to it, whether it be on recordings, videos or live performances. I always hope that some non-students come out to listen as well, but I’m always eager to play well for the students.”

Ponzo, Moeller and Kim closed out the night’s performance together by playing “Cousins,” written by famous musician Herbert L. Clarke.

The three faculty members all attended Eastman School of Music in Rochester, N.Y.