EDM musical tennis match at Rosy’s

By Carl Nadig

A fast-paced tennis match of DJ setlists was the focus of Rosy’s Roadhouse this weekend.

DJ Statut3 and Zebo delivered a unique setlist that brought the house down.

Since last semester, Statut3 beats have matured from a small number of greasy samples into a full playlist of finely tuned progressive house music. As an opener, Statut3 doesn’t want to get his audience rowdy and dancing too soon. Instead, he restricts himself to an relaxed blend of house and chillout remixes. His velocity is subtle but not dull. He demands the attention of his audience with his background music, but not as the center piece. Statut3 developed a signature sound of reverberating wooden blocks at different pitches, laying the foundation for his tracks. During his most interesting moments, Statut3 featured European artists Daniel Bedingfield, Croatia Squad and MihayLove in his trance remixes.

At midnight, the music of the night shifted from easygoing remixes into an edgy assortment of hardcore electronica. Chicago producer Zebo began his headlining playlist. The dance floor overcrowded. The pace increased and every few measures became a filthy breakdown. One moment, the lyrics of “Jump Around” blasted from the loudspeaker. Each moment of Zebo’s playlist fluctuated between funk, R&B and dubstep.

Zebo’s quickened playlist featured a variety of mainstream American artists and dirty beats. From the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Fugees, Zebo’s pounding remixes fluctuated from slow- to fast-paced, like each of the songs were playing a tennis game: Every time the racket hit the ball, the ball’s pace increased until it missed the racket and the ball lost its speed. Then, a new round began. In Zebo’s case, every round incorporated a song drenched in his signature sound. His transitions hit the crowd almost before they knew the next track began.

Based on Saturday night’s performance, Zebo has become DeKalb’s most hardcore DJ.