‘Winter’s Tale’ leads movies

By Pat Quinn

Two romantic films kick off Valentine’s Day weekend — one of which outshines the other.

“Winter’s Tale”

Colin Farrell, Russell Crowe and Jessica Brown Findlay exude passion in “Winter’s Tale.”

The film involves a burglar (Farrell) who falls in love with a woman (Findlay) who dies. The burglar discovers he can save her and sets out on a quest.

Farrell had fallen off the map until recently: His role in “Saving Mr. Banks” as a drunken father, Travers Goff, was astounding. The major role could return him to his original ranking. Farrell’s combination of thievery and genuine affection makes the chemistry between him and Findlay special.

“About Last Night”

“About Last Night” consists of two couples who struggle to keep their relationships intact. The film stars Kevin Hart, Regina Hall and Michael Ealy.

The biggest weakness in “About Last Night” is the lack of spark. The film lacks true romance with no build-up, sexual implications or struggle. Yet somehow, the struggle is resolved in just under two hours.

In the previews, no jokes were presented to even get a rise out of the audience.

With his stand-up and films, Hart has been putting out material left and right. The film proves Hart is a label or a brand. Advertisers stick his name on film posters so the movie will sell. This may be a concern as Hart tries too hard to extend his resumé.

Hart shows he’s focusing more on quantity than quality in his role in “About Last Night.”