Students learn ‘What to Wear’


By Ryan Chodora

Students got a crash course presentation on dressing professionally outside of academia.

Community advisers from New Residence Hall, Career Services, Goodwill, Empire Modelz and NIU Athletics hosted ‘What to Wear,’ a professional fashion presentation, at 8 p.m. Wednesday at New Hall. Community advisers and other students, donning professional attire, did a brief runway walk, followed by a critique of their attire. The presentation was designed to give students an example of what to wear for a professional interview.

“I got to see some different outfits, and find out some tips of what to wear and what not to wear during an interview,” said junior sociology major Eneida Mendoza. “It helps out with my career, and it’s very informative.”

While the models provided their own clothes for the presentation, Empire Modelz, an on-campus modeling organization, gave them tips to present on the runway.

“I think it’s very helpful because a lot of people don’t really know what to wear to interviews,” said Jasmine Morris, senior rehab services major and secretary for Empire Modelz. “I think it’s good that people are here to demonstrate and show them what to, and what not to wear.”

In between models, Goodwill presented videos demonstrating proper dress, and how to save money while dressing professionally.

“I’m getting ready to graduate, and I would love to help other residents get involved and just learn what they need to do, especially if they’re in my stage in their academic career,” said J.C. Collins, senior mechanical engineering major and New Hall community adviser.