‘Underpants’ comes at ‘perfect time’


Actors preform at a dress rehearsal for “The Underpants” Wednesday at Huntley Middle School, 1515 S. Fourth St. “The Underpants” premieres 7:30 p.m. today at Huntley Middle School. The production was written by Steve Martin.

By Pat Quinn

Students can laugh their pants off at the School of Theatre and Dance’s adaptation of Steve Martin’s “The Underpants.”

The witty comedy premieres 7:30 p.m. today at Huntley Middle School, 1515 S. Fourth St.

“The Underpants” highlights the story of Louise, played by Caitlin Cavannaugh, senior fine arts acting major, who picks up her underpants after they fall during the king’s parade. After the humiliating incident, Louise deals with her roommates’ antics.

Alex Demetralis, senior fine arts acting major, plays Theodore in the production and said he enjoys the character.

“It’s the largest role and most exciting for me,” Demetralis said. “[Theodore] is the complete opposite of me, which is fun.”

Production director Patricia Ridge feels “The Underpants” will play at the perfect time, despite the cold weather.

“I read the script and loved it — great comedy,” Ridge said. “The last weekend in January and the first weekend in February, what a perfect time for a comedy due to the weather.

“Rehearsal has been difficult with the school closing, but we laughed our way through rehearsal and you can really hear Steve Martin. Our actors have such comic timing.”

The actors worked around an extension of the stage, a light grid installment and graffiti.

“There was some graffiti, so we’re trying to rehearse while people are cleaning,” said John Jennings, a senior fine arts acting major in the production. “We run through the whole thing at a time, full length. The costumes just add an extra readiness to it all.”

This group of actors is one of the first to use the space and have new equipment. Jennings said the cast of six actors and actresses have been preparing since October, with a four- week break.

“I hope the audience really enjoys it because this is a very special cast,” Ridge said. “It’s a small cast, but it’s a mighty cast. I really think they will enjoy they’re performances.”