Externship offers students test run

By Northern Star Staff

The University Honors Program and Alumni Association paired 14 students with graduates and community partners in a test run of the Bold Futures Externship Program.

The partnered groups worked in a variety of fields, such as government, fast food, education, health care, pharmaceuticals, investment, international affairs and finance, according to NIU Today.

The 14 students chosen were picked from more than 40 applicants. Students worked with executives within their fields.

The students’ work in the field has finished, but the program will continue as they attend on-campus meetings. At these seminars, the students will learn more about ethics and expectations in the contemporary job market, according to NIU Today.

Students interested in future programs should call 815-753-0694 or email [email protected].

Alumni and community partners wanting to participate should contact Joe Matty, Alumni Association executive director, at 815-753-1452 or [email protected].