“Lone Survivor” gives audience a realistic look at war

By Pat Quinn

Fans should get ready for a realistic war movie and be moved by “Lone Survivor.”

This movie is based off a true story written by Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, portrayed by Mark Wahlberg. Ben Foster, known for his roles in “3:10 to Yuma” and “Contraband,” also stars in this epic war drama. The film recaptures the events Luttrell faced with his troops during Operation Red Wings. The SEALs planned to assassinate a Taliban leader, but their mission was compromised and things went haywire.

The movie starts with footage of real soldiers and SEALs training, working and fighting an emotional battle through their boot camps. This was a crucial aspect for the opening credits because the audience gets sucked in and the scene gives them a taste of what life is like for these men.

The title, “Lone Survivor,” does not highlight Wahlberg. It emphasizes the unit as opposed to one man, which is important because the movie is more about the team than anything else.

The action sequences are incredibly realistic. The blood splatters and wounds were done well. Moviegoers should be warned that wounds and gunfire are a bit more graphic but are nothing to be hung up about. Other than the fire fights, one of the most exciting scenes of the movie came when the SEALs jump off a steep hill covered with heavy rocks and thick trees to escape Taliban fire.

The advantage this film has is that it’s a biography. “Lone Survivor” captures the very battles and wars Luttrell and his troops faced in Operation Red Wings. This movie is action-packed and gives the audience insight into the struggles some troops face in the Middle East. “Lone Survivor” could be considered the “Saving Private Ryan” of the Afghanistan War.