Rock tribute group captures ‘dark side’

By Carl Nadig

If you didn’t hear the news yet, Pink Floyd was in town … almost.

If you’re into tribute bands, you would have enjoyed the recent English rock invasion of Echoes of Pompeii Saturday at Otto’s, 118 E. Lincoln Highway.

Based off its Saturday night performance, Echoes of Pompeii is a solid band with a clear vision of what psychedelic rock sounds like. For anyone who grew up listening to Pink Floyd, this tribute band shows an attention to detail.

From the ecstatic wailing of the female backup singers to the crisp guitar sound in “Wish You Were Here,” to the livid saxophone solo in “Money,” Echoes of Pompeii successfully echoed the sound of a live Pink Floyd concert while older fans relived memories.

The band’s orchestral sound, immersed in raw blues and slow bending of multi-effects pedals, paid justice to the original sounds of the classic “The Dark Side of The Moon” album.

With well-known hits like “Another Brick in the Wall (Part II)” and “The Post War Dream” bouncing off the walls of Otto’s old bar, the energetic atmosphere continued into Sunday morning.

While Echoes of Pompeii can entertain a bar crowd for a weekend night, it would be disappointing to watch such a talented band stick to a safe routine by regurgitating well-known covers.

There are many tribute bands that cover several groups. The problem with attending an Echoes of Pompeii concert is the group will never play anything new or original.

With the music industry arguably declining in credibility due to the digital age, tribute bands are becoming more difficult to create and maintain.

In Echoes of Pompeii’s case, there is nothing wrong with its approach or sound. But a music lover only has to go on YouTube and search “Pink Floyd” if they want to listen to any of Echo of Pompeii’s future performances.