Richardson kicks off tour

By Carl Nadig

If you’re in the area this upcoming weekend, don’t be surprised if you get too much bass.

Beginning Thursday night at Otto’s, 118 E. Lincoln Highway, local punk band “Richardson” Richardson is launching its 2014 winter tour with a bang. Without guitars, “Richardson” Richardson consists of an unorthodox lineup. With two bassists, a vocalist and a drum programmer, the band has been recording music since 2010.

“We do everything ourselves,” said vocalist Tony Martin. “For better or worse.”

The band’s most recent album, “Future,” was released in November. The album, clocking in around 20 minutes, feels like a long EP. Highlights of the album exhibit high-voltage electricity. “Future” also includes self-deprecating humor.

“I think the best way to describe the way we sound is Queens of The Stone Age trying to play 80’s rock horror,” Martin said. “The lyrics are mostly pretty tongue in cheek [and] very satirical by nature. But we take it seriously. This isn’t a joke band by any means.”

Since graduating from NIU, members of “Richardson” Richardson have continued playing and creating material in their post-college career. With the band’s decreased activity, the members of “Richardson” Richardson are adjusting to their new lifestyles. With the help of their friends, the band members decided to book shows around the Midwest.

“This tour is going to find us in Madison, Minneapolis and Chicago,” Martin said. “…Really, it’s hard to do anything long-term with us all having day jobs and stuff like that. So, we need to pick and choose the spots, where we can go and when we can go.”

While it is expected to last four days, the tour is an opportunity for music enthusiasts to celebrate the punk scene in DeKalb. The tour lineup will also include DirtyBird, a Chicago band that “Richardson” Richardson members have known since their young days in high school.