Adventure seekers skate lagoon

By Jack Manning

Outdoor Adventures led students to the lagoon for winter revelry Wednesday at its Winter Wonderland event.

Outdoor Adventures started the event last year to market its spring events.

At the Winter Wonderland, students had the opportunity to ice skate at the lagoon.

“It looks like groups of people came out, which is great to hear, since people want to do these events with their friends,” said Christine Lagattolla, Outdoor Adventure assistant director. “I think this is a great event for that, for people to come out and do something fun.”

Events like Wednesday’s help Outdoor Adventures get students interested in the trips the organization takes.

“We have a trip minimum we have to meet for each of our trips to go, and everyone here likes to go on trips that’s why we work here,” said trips manager Kyle Anderson.

Students can rent out ice skates at any time to go skating on the lagoons.

“It was really fun, but it was hard to ice skate because it’s really snowy and bumpy,” said participant Heather Hatler, junior elementary education major.

At the East Lagoon organizers set up a bonfire and offered visitors hot chocolate and food to make s’mores.

“I bonded with some friends here around a bonfire and we went ice skating,” said participant Robert Sparr, sophomore business management major. “I thought this was awesome. It was entertaining and fun.”

The Outdoor Adventure program will also offer snowboarding lessons starting Feb. 1.