‘Rake’ raises criminal law bar

By Pat Quinn

The new criminal law show “Rake” looks to raise the bar for other television crime shows, as if there aren’t enough crime shows on TV.

This one comes off much different than “Law & Order.” The show focuses on a lawyer in the biggest rut of his life. Aside from taking defense cases for cannibals and other near impossible cases, his compulsive gambling, complicated love life and demotivating family add a humorous element to this dramatic-comedy. The leading role of Keegan Joye is played by Greg Kinnear, who was recently in “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.”

My rule of thumb when watching a new show is always give it at least three episodes. New shows drill the audience with a lot of information. Character types also need to be established because these things cannot, and should not, occur in one episode. The first season is seven episodes long. Even if fans don’t get to it right away, there won’t be a lot of catching up to do. The show was originally in Australia starring Richard Roxburgh, known for his role as Dracula in “Van Helsing.” That show is now approaching its third season. I think the U.S. will have a similar target audience and success. Be ready for this unorthodox and cynical comedy. Viewers should look for “Rake” 8 p.m. Thursdays on Fox.