Five minutes with… Nathan Palmer

By Steve Shonder

The Northern Star called alumnus and Denver Broncos wide receiver Nathan Palmer to talk about his experience on a team that’s headed to Super Bowl XLVIII.

Palmer has been on the practice squad for the San Francisco 49ers, the Indianapolis Colts and the Miami Dolphins. He made his NFL debut for the Colts in a Oct. 7, 2012, game against the Green Bay Packers.

Northern Star: What sort of work are you doing this week for the Super Bowl?

Nathan Palmer: It’s basically just trying to give the defense the best look possible. We’re trying to do the things Seattle does well as far as the defense is concerned. I’m trying to do my best route-wise for the receivers. Seattle has a great group of receivers that we’re going to have to deal with, and our job to prepare the defense for them.

NS: What Seattle receiver are you playing the role of in practice?

NP: This week, I was Doug Baldwin. On special teams, I was a couple of different guys, just working on kickoffs and punt team.

NS: Is there anything different in regard to practice with the Super Bowl coming up?

NP: We’ve been practicing the same. Coach [John Fox] believes in consistency in practice. If things stay consistent, we’ll be better off.

NS: How has the experience been for you in Denver?

NP: It’s unbelievable. Getting cut from Miami was tough, but it was great getting picked up right before Christmas. It’s a great experience. This is a great group of guys, and I’m just glad to be a part of it.

NS: How do you think the Super Bowl will affect your career?

NP: Hopefully if it does, it affects it positively. Some teams like to have a guy who’s been around a winning culture. But I think my career will be the same.

NS: How would you compare this to your other career achievements?

NP: There’s no comparison. If we win the Super Bowl, that will be the ultimate high. Peyton Manning said this can be the ultimate high if you win and the ultimate low if you lose. Being in this game is the ultimate achievement.

NS: What advice would you give people who were in the same situation as when you were cut by Miami?

NP: Be prepared for whatever comes your way. Just keep working. Coming from Northern, I had that instilled in me. When things get tough, you keep going. That was our motto: “The hard way.”