Netflix updates shows, movies

By Pat Quinn

Not only has Netflix expanded, but it’s improving its content. Oscar-nominated actors and throwback films make an appearance in Netflix’s latest update.

Oscar-nominated actors

“American Psycho” is one of the best add-ons to Netflix. Christian Bale stars as Patrick Bateman, a narcissistic, psychopathic banking executive. This movie is disgustingly decorative and a bloody good film.

In the movie “Flight,” Denzel Washington plays the role of drunken pilot Whip Whitaker, who struggles to overcome his drug and alcohol addiction. His addiction causes him to crash a plane upside down, just like his life.

The drama was nominated for two Academy Awards in 2013 and is a Netflix necessity.

Eleven years after its release, the Black Pearl finally returns. “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” is another great Netflix installment.

Johnny Depp’s first voyage with the Black Pearl as Captain Jack Sparrow puts him side by side with Washington for their dynamic and standout performances.


Netflix decided to kick it back to the early years with favorites like “Good Burger” and “Holes.” Watch Shia LaBeouf dig holes the size of Kenan and Kel’s rival in “Mondo Burger.”