Top January Books

By Deanna Frances

1. “First Love” by James Patterson and Emily Raymond

“First Love” is the story of good girl Axi Moore and her experiences with first love with her best friend, Robinson.

Axi convinces Robinson to break all the rules and accompany her on an unplanned cross-country road trip, but the world may have more adventure than she could have imagined.

2. “The Witness” by Nora Roberts

“The Witness” is the suspenseful romance story of Elizabeth Fitch, who, after one reckless night 12 years ago, has changed her name, address and career to hide from her past.

Elizabeth settles into a small town thinking that everything she’s hiding will never come back. As she captures the romantic interest of local police Chief Brooks Gleason, they both realize there are unseen dangers that lurk among them.

3. “Fake ID” by Lamar Giles

“Fake ID” is the mystery story of a man living with the alias Nick Pearson. After the murder of his best friend, Eli Cruz, Pearson is thrown into the crossfire of the conspiracy Cruz had almost uncovered before his death.

Despite the rules Pearson is given by the Program to stay “low-key,” Nick is tempted to join Cruz’s sister, Reya, in discovering the dark mystery behind Cruz’s gruesome murder.

4. “Raw” by Belle Aurora

“Raw” is not an average love story; it’s the story of a love gone horribly wrong.

Alexa Ballentine never thought anything would damage her perfect life — until someone started watching her.