13 arrested for trespassing at University Village

By Jessi Haish

Thirteen people were arrested after trespassing at the University Village apartment complex Wednesday.

All individuals arrested had been banned from the property previously. DeKalb Police Lt. Bob Redel said because University Village is a large complex, more people have been banned from the area than other apartment complexes.

Redel said complexes can ban people for committing crimes on their property, but some of the people who are banned keep coming back.

“[It’s] more problems for the residents,” Redel said. “They get arrested on the property, don’t listen and cause problems.”

Redel said all 13 were arrested in a four-hour period Wednesday. Redel said in many cases, these banned people come to visit significant others or friends who are living in the complex.

The DeKalb Police Department was assisted by the NIU Police Department, and there will be similar checks throughout the city, Redel said. Property owners can sign agreements with the police department to allow arrests like these to happen.

All of the below were arrested on the charge of criminal trespass to real property:

Anthony O. Alfred, 20, of DeKalb

Kendall G. Barber, 22, of Chicago

Jeffrey L. Brown, 28, Of Calumet Park

Darryl D. Dandridge, 30, of Chicago

Jordan Davidson, 24, of Elgin

Jeramie Green, 27, of Chicago

Keunte V. Jones, 20, of Chicago

Deangelo K. King, 23, of Chicago

Marquita R. Newton, 19, of Chicagoo

Devonte D. Oliver, 21, of Chicago

Lenardo Perkins, 33, of Riverdale

Terrell Williams, 22, of Chicago

A 17-year-old juvenile from DeKalb