Peppermint cocoa sweetens holidays

By Lauren Iverson

Homemade peppermint cocoa’s warm and minty taste makes for a wonderful December drink.

The simple recipe only requires a few ingredients for creamy perfection: One or two chocolate bars, four candy canes, 2 cups of milk, marshmallows and whipped cream for garnish.

The DIY doesn’t require a specific type of chocolate; it can be white, dark or milk. Cut four squares of the sweet treat into shavings or small pieces so it can quickly melt.

Next, place three candy canes into a Ziploc bag. Take out your finals stress by crushing the candy canes into little pieces.

After you let out all that pent-up frustration, pour two cups of milk into a pot. Heat the pot on your stove on medium for 10 minutes. Do not let the milk boil because it will ruin the consistency of the cocoa.

Add the chopped chocolate to the milk, and stir the milk around until the chocolate is completely melted.

Add in the crushed candy canes. Mix the candy canes into the cocoa until the candy is melted into the delicious holiday drink. The candy canes will take a little longer to melt than the chocolate.

Once everything is mixed together and heated to a warm temperature, drink a small spoonful to decide if you want to add more chocolate or peppermint.

It’s difficult to eyeball cocoa to determine if it tastes right, so make sure to test the cocoa as you progress through the recipe. Pour the cocoa into your favorite holiday mug.

To garnish the drink, pour whipped cream on top of the cocoa. Add marshmallows, the remaining chocolate and candy cane pieces.