Student motivates for change

By Kelly Bauer

Steven Williams is using his speaking talents to motivate others.

Williams, a graduating senior organization and corporate communication major, has already launched Anthony Visionaries, a brand he will use as a motivational speaker. Williams intends to use speaking to motivate others to pursue careers.

That’s a goal he has already pursued while at NIU, as he gives speeches to student groups, including Black Male Initiative on Monday. Black Male Initiative focuses on helping NIU’s black students graduate; Williams’ talk centered on overcoming the obstacles that come with being an undergraduate student.

“…I don’t want you to be like me. I want you to be better,” Williams said.

Williams, who has arranged a post-graduate job, will devote his downtime to Anthony Visionaries. He hopes to focus on high school students so he can encourage them to stay in school, and Williams wants the brand to grow into a 1,000-person not-for-profit group. He hopes Anthony Visionaries can rival DARE — an international drug prevention program — in size.

“…The feeling of seeing change in other peoples’ lives … is better than the feeling of money,” Williams said.

Williams was previously president of Black Male Initiative and used his position to show group members how they can pursue and obtain jobs after graduating. He said his experiences as the group’s leaders taught him how to encourage different kinds of people.

“…[I] learned … no one person is the same, no one person is inspired the same way,” Williams said.

Williams is already using Anthony Visionaries to motivate others. On the brand’s Facebook page — which already has more than 300 “likes” — he posts inspirational quotes and resources. Williams also does a monthly giveaway for members of the page; this month, one person who has “liked” the page will receive a $100 Visa gift card.

“I’m delighted to help all who are willing to be helped,” he said.