Yogscast seeks to surpass $390K in donations

By Josh Alfrey

Gamers are giving back this month through the Yogscast Charity Drive video game live stream.

Since 2011, the popular group of YouTubers have hosted a charity event throughout December, raising money for numerous organizations.

The live stream season began Dec. 1 with Yogscast cofounders Simon “Honeydew” Lane and Lewis “Xephos” Brindley playing “Garry’s Mod.” Within the first 13 minutes of going on air, they raised more than $8,000.

Through the streaming service at Twitch.tv, the hosts play their favorite games while interacting with fans and asking for donations.

This December, members of Yogscast have been raising money for five organizations using the all-inclusive title “Dwarven Dairy Drive” provided by Humble Bundle. These organizations include Oxfam, SpecialEffect, Little People UK, GamesAid and War Child. After 10 days, Yogscast received more than $385,000 from 17,000 contributors.

Yogscast is able to give even more back to the community that supports them by teaming up with Humble Bundle. Through HumbleBundle.com, donators can receive a Heart of Gold downloadable medal to wear on their “Team Fortress 2” character for $5. Those who donate $25 or more receive seven games, including “Chivalry: Medieval Warfare,” “Awesomenauts” and “Torchlight.”

Through Humble Bundle, donators can also decide how much money they donate to each of the charities. They can equally distribute their money or send it all to one.

The Yogscast are on course to make this a record-breaking December. It has already eclipsed the $98,000 collected in 2011 and will soon surpass its 2012 collection of $390,000. Last December’s stream, titled “Honeydew’s Honey Drive,” garnered a lot of attention and featured other popular YouTube celebrities, like John “TotalBiscuit” Bain and Bachir “Athene” Boumaaza.

Yogscast’s “Dwarven Dairy Drive” is a great way to give to those less fortunate while taking in some fantastic gaming holiday cheer.