Pass/Fail: Use Reading Day as you need to; study, sleep equally important, Too much focus on NIU football; obsessing over team is irritating

Danny Cozzi

Correction: There is no Reading Day this semester. Perspective Editor Danny Cozzi was referring to Dec. 6, the Friday before finals.

Pass: Use Reading Day as you need to; study, sleep equally important

Reading Day is probably the best idea NIU has ever had. Well, I should say it’s the best idea next the whole “college education” thing, anyway.

Giving students a day to prepare for finals is a great idea, but at the same time, preparing for finals is more than just reviewing ink-ridden notebooks and highlighted textbooks and midterms.

If you’re at all like me, you definitely value your grades, but having the energy to keep up with them is just as important. So, this Friday I will be taking a mental healthy day in preparation for finals rather than cracking open the books and burying my face in my notes all day.

If you have the same plans, don’t feel guilty. Of course you want to be sure you give yourself enough time to study well for next week’s exams, but you also need to retain your sanity to get through them.

I’m not suggesting anyone go out partying tonight and nurse a hangover all day Friday. But a day filled with some comfort food, a movie or two and quality time spent in your favorite pajamas is just as important to preparing for finals as the study sessions.

Whatever you do with your Reading Day, just be sure it ultimately helps you get through next week. That’s what really matters in the end.

Fail: Too much focus on NIU football; obsessing over team is irritating

First, I just want to assure everyone I think the Huskies are one hell of a team, and I’m glad their success has brought so much popularity to NIU this semester. They’ve earned it.

But to be honest, sometimes I wonder if there are more important things for us to talk about than how awesome the football team is.

Just this week, there’s been a ton of controversy with Illinois’ newly passed pension reform bill. But despite how much the reform will affect all of us, something tells me it won’t be as big an issue around here once NIU wins yet another game.

Even on a more general level, just the fact that our football team wins every single game is almost getting boring. I find myself wondering what would happen if the Huskies were to lose a game.

Now that, if you ask me, would be some real news.

After an entire semester, reading the same headlines about football victories over and over again gets to be pretty bland. I say we spice it up and throw a game — well, don’t do it intentionally, of course.

But I think a lot of people would agree the attention the football team gets has gotten a little out of hand. Football isn’t the only thing worth talking about.