Students share winter tips

By KeAndre Worthy

Low temperatures may mean chillier residence halls and apartments, but students have tips to combat that.

According to National Weather Service predictions, the week may see rain and temperature highs in the upper 40s, with some days hitting lows in the 20s and 10s. Students shared their tips for staying warm when they’re not trekking to class.

In-room heater

Freshman geography major Darrius Cooks suggests in-room heaters do all the hard work.

“It’s much easier to just let [the] dorm room heater run,” Cooks said. “It keeps the room super warm and [is] way cheaper than buying something else to do it.”


Cooks said he uses blankets on extra cold nights to help stay warm in his residence hall room.

“Blankets are an easy way to stay warm… [I] don’t need them to often, but there are occasions when they are helpful,” Cooks said.

Henry Escobar, freshman computer science major, said extra sheets are the best way to get warm.

“[Sheets] provide the perfect amount of warmth. Extra blankets can be a little too hot,” Escobar said.


Freshman English major Rebecca Clark said she likes to keep her room window cracked all the time.

“I like it cold, and the heaters in my dorm room are too powerful, so its nice to have that breeze,” Clark said.


Escobar said he occasionally uses a Snuggie to stay warm.

“It [costs] about $20, but I use that mainly at home because that is a little colder,” Escobar said.