MyNIU eases stress from keeping track of classes

By AJ Edwards

Our college careers can be difficult to keep track of, but luckily we have our MyNIU Student Center page to guide us through the struggle.

It’s important for college students to keep track of credits, grades and finances, and this resource helps us do just that. The page not only tells us what classes are being offered for the next semester, but also shows how we can plan out our academic careers in order to keep track of when we can graduate.

With the MyNIU Student Center page, we have the ability to monitor our progress toward graduation with the My Academics section. Viewing your advisement report can save you time and effort when it comes to seeing your adviser and choosing classes.

“MyNIU helps a lot,” said senior sociology major Laurie Strangmann. “It has helped me plan for graduation and [making] sure I pick the right classes.”

What’s even better is if your major is a broad study, you can choose several directions to focus on, like the teaching program or the general subject degree.

You can also request a “What-If Report” in order to get an idea of any additional classes you need to take if you decide to switch majors.

Using this application, as well as meeting with your academic adviser, can help ease the stresses of not knowing which classes you need in order to graduate.

The Student Center page is a great resource to use when planning your future classes as well as with class enrollment.

Being able to see what classes are offered with which professor and the times they’re offered will help you select the best classes for your schedule.

Not only can you plan your class schedule out for the next semester, but you can also figure out your work schedule ahead of time, making employment and student life more manageable.

Managing your time is essential, but don’t forget about keeping track of your finances. Knowing how much money you’ll have access to, like Pell or MAP grants, can work wonders at easing your mind. MyNIU allows you to view and accept your financial aid and keep on track with any fees you might owe the Office of the Bursar.

Knowing how much money you owe the bursar, and when they want your payment, will help you not only manage your money at the beginning of a semester, but keep your credit scores from getting negatively affected by a late payment. Having a good credit score, even if you are only 18 or 19 years old, will work wonders for you in the future.

Make sure you check your MyNIU Student Center page at least twice a semester: when you first start and toward the last month of class. This way you can keep tabs on your progress, tackle any bills that may come up, and graduate on time with no wasted classes or money.

NIU has many resources to make life easier for a student. Make sure you frequently check your MyNIU pages in order to better plan ahead for your future.

You can keep tabs on your financial aid as well, making the stresses of paying for college much more manageable.

If you take advantage of these helpful programs, your college life will be a breeze.