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Use syllabus week to ease into spring semester

By AJ Edwards | January 14, 2014

Start semester off stronger than everIt is time to abandon our winter break routines and apply ourselves to academics. This is not always an easy task.Re-adjusting to the scholastic routines we need in order to succeed can be stressful, but I assure you...

MyNIU eases stress from keeping track of classes

By AJ Edwards | December 1, 2013

Our college careers can be difficult to keep track of, but luckily we have our MyNIU Student Center page to guide us through the struggle.It’s important for college students to keep track of credits, grades and finances, and this resource helps us do...

Study abroad when you still have time

By AJ Edwards | November 25, 2013

As college students, we have the pleasure of summer vacations and month-long Christmas breaks. There’s no better way to take advantage of this time off than to visit places entirely different from home.By seeing a different part of the world, you’re...

Illinois winters no walk in the park; be prepared

By AJ Edwards | November 18, 2013

With two snowfalls before winter has officially started, it’s time we start preparing for the bad weather we all know we’re going to see.Whether you’re preparing your vehicle to run smoothly or need to keep ice off of your sidewalk, there are several...

Smokeout encourages kicking nicotine habits

By AJ Edwards | November 6, 2013

If you’ve tried to quit smoking before but have had no luck, now is your opportunity to quit for the last time.The American Cancer Society is holding the Great American Smokeout this month, which encourages smokers to set a goal to quit by or shortly...

In-Focus: Your best Halloween costume

By Gina Lorusso, Kim Randall, AJ Edwards, and Danny Cozzi | October 30, 2013

Gina LorussoBack in the day when Disney Channel movies were actually cool, my two best friends and my sister were obsessed with “The Cheetah Girls.”Naturally, when the movie came out in September we instantly knew what we were going to be for Halloween....

Be prepared for class signup

By AJ Edwards | October 30, 2013

Spring enrollment begins next week, so it’s time to take into consideration what classes you will be taking next semester.First, it’s important you have a plan A and a plan B. A problem many students have is they don’t know what classes to take...

Attending college later is no problem

By AJ Edwards | October 28, 2013

NIU is home to many types of students. One group in particular is the non-traditional students who decided to attend college a little later in life.When it comes to self-improvement, what better place to start than college? Life doesn’t always work...

Groups need ‘super-events’

Groups need ‘super-events’

By AJ Edwards | October 15, 2013

Campus organizations and resource centers come together regularly for events and activities, which serve as examples of our great communiversity.While an individual organization’s events are wonderful, the best ones are those where several groups come...

Dog park needed for DeKalb

By AJ Edwards | September 29, 2013

While pet-friendly apartments allow tenants to be with their pets at all times, DeKalb has yet to create a dog park for our four-legged friends.Students often have to leave their family members and pets behind when they embark on getting their degree.Luckily...

No Child Left Behind cannot guarantee academic success

By AJ Edwards | September 25, 2013

All schools are to have 100 percent of their students meet the state standards set by the No Child Left Behind Act in 2014.State guidelines were put in place in 2002 to improve students’ efficiency in mathematics and reading, but 11 years later it’s...