In-Focus: Your best Halloween costume

Gina Lorusso

Back in the day when Disney Channel movies were actually cool, my two best friends and my sister were obsessed with “The Cheetah Girls.”

Naturally, when the movie came out in September we instantly knew what we were going to be for Halloween. Being a tomboy back then, I felt like such a diva in glitter and my mom’s lipstick. I loved all the attention from the neighborhood kids because it was such an original costume. That was 10 years ago. It was “cheetah-licious” and by far my best costume ever.

Kim Randall

For many years I had done typical Halloween costumes: the killer from “Scream,” Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger or a witch.

But when I was 8 years old I was determined do something different. So, I became a hippie for a day.

I can’t remember how the idea came to me, but I loved it. I had the wig, the peace sign necklace, the glasses, the vest and the bell-bottom pants. I fell into character and everyone loved it, especially the adults. To this day, my hippie costume reigns as my favorite Halloween costume.

AJ Edwards

My favorite Halloween costume was dressing up like Albert Einstein when I was in the sixth grade.

At that time I was very interested in science and trying to blow things up. My teachers were impressed I actually knew who Einstein was. I had a lab coat and an awesome pocket protector, and I finally rocked the fuzzy moustache I had been waiting for all my life.

I was a bit of a nerd back then, and I still am. That was also the year I was able to fill my entire pillowcase with candy and get my first sugar rush.

Danny Cozzi

As my mom’s photo albums would prove, I’ve been destined to come to NIU since I was a toddler.

My all-time favorite Halloween costume was an ear of corn when I was 2 years old. I was stuffed into a booger-green, pillow-sized corn cob with six “kernels” popping out from my stomach.

My mom could have left me on the steps of the Holmes Student Center and I would have become NIU’s mascot within moments.

As a matter of fact, I’m strapped for a costume for tonight. Looks like I’ll be giving her a call.