Caprese Pops, cake balls perfect for holiday party foods

By Lauren Iverson

Even though the holidays mean something different for everyone, two things most people love this season are the parties and food.

Caprese Pops

One of the easiest appetizers to make for any holiday party are Caprese Pops. These simple and elegant treats have only three ingredients: fresh mozzarella, grape-size tomatoes and fresh basil. One other thing needed for this recipes are bamboo sticks. Use the fresh mozzarella that come in snack packs.

Slice the fresh mozzarella pieces in half where they look a bit more round than long. The amount you will need depends on how many pieces you’re able to get out of the cheese. Each snack pack comes with three big chunks, and there are five packs in the whole package. This should come out to about 30 pieces of fresh mozzarella.

Cut your grape-sized tomatoes in half to equal the number of fresh mozzarella pieces you have. Place the half-tomatoes on the bamboo stick with the insides facing up toward the top of the stick. Take a piece of your fresh mozzarella and place it on the stick with the tomato until both cover the top.

Put the pops in a tall cup so they do not sit on the cutting board while you use it. Once all the tomatoes and cheese have been placed on the bamboo sticks, chop up the fresh basil into little pieces. One stem of leaves should be enough for the Caprese Pops. Once chopped, sprinkle the leaves over the mozzarella cheese. Place the pops in an elegant vase or glass and you are set for the party.

Cake balls

Cake balls are a craze in the dessert world, and the recipe is pretty simple.

The ingredients needed are one box of cake mix, one tub of frosting and two bags of candy melts. Be smart about which you pair together. Red Velvet goes best with cream cheese, and vanilla cake goes best with vanilla frosting. Follow the instructions on the cake mix to bake the cake. Once the cake is finished, let it sit out for 10 to 15 minutes to cool off. Cover the cake with plastic wrap, and place in the fridge overnight. The next day, cut the cake into smaller pieces to make it easy to crumble. Take each piece and crumble it into a big bowl by hand.

Once finished with crumbling, take half the tub of frosting, and mix it into the crumbled cake. Do this by hand, so the frosting is evenly distributed. Once the frosting is mixed evenly, the fun part is rolling up the dessert. Take a chunk of the mixture, and roll it into a small ball. Do this until you are out of the mixture. Melt the two bags of candy melts in the microwave.

Take the cake balls and roll them in the candy melts and place on wax paper or plastic wrap. If using sprinkles on top, place the sprinkles on before the candy melt dries. Once the candy melt is dry and you run out of cake balls, place the delicious desserts on a tray.