I-88 moves faster with speed change

By Kate Chopelas

Interstate 88 will be quicker to navigate starting January.

For 64 miles of the west route of I-88, the speed limit will increase from 65 mph to 70 mph. This part of the route includes a section of I-88 through DeKalb.

“It is hard to say if it will be a significant change [in number of accidents], but it will certainly affect the severity of the accident and its impact,” said Gary Dumdie, chief deputy of the DeKalb County Sheriff’s department.

Speed limits have been controlled by state law since 1995, when Congress repealed the National Maximum Speed Limit law. This law stated the highest limit could be 65 mph. Some students think the speed limit change will be a positive change for drivers.

“There is not enough traffic to justify having the speed limit of 65 mph … once you are further out, you can afford to have a high speed limit based on where we are,” said Chase Zacher, senior math and physics major.

The association states higher limits can produce a safer traffic flow.

“I think people are able to go faster and theoretically can get to places quicker, yet I think it will have a psychological effect that will help relieve their stress from driving,” said Gary Swick, NIU Foundations of Education instructor, which focuses on educating.