Odd fashion trends refuse to leave NIU

By Katie Lavelle

As students’ outfits change to adjust to the cold weather, three trends have started sticking out.

Leather leggings

It’s no surprise leather leggings are trending on campus because most people can pull them off.

Leather leggings are a healthy dose of edgy and rock n’ roll. While most trends go in and out with the new season, leather leggings aren’t going anywhere.

Mustache phenomenon

Apparently, it’s a good time for mustaches on campus. Keep your eyes peeled for T-Shirts with printed mustaches near the shoulder.

I assume other students are just as confused by this fashion trend as me. Who would have thought mustache apparel would be popular?

This trend has been around for some time; however, I don’t think we will see it for much longer, and hopefully there will be no comebacks from this unique shirt.

High-heel gym shoes

I was not expecting this trend to stick around long, and it surprisingly grew on me. With the right outfit, high-heeled gym shoes can look quite stylish and are still comfortable for a night out.

A benefit to this campus fashion trend is the comfort level is much better than regular heels, and that’s something all women can get used to after walking for a few hours.

“It’s a style that not many can pull off because I think it has sort of a hipster feel about it, but I like this trend,” said Layla Shayeb, sophomore political science major. “I hope this trend stays around because it’s easy to put together outfits in the winter with heeled gym shoes.”