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Peanut butter meets quesadilla

By Katie Lavelle | February 10, 2014

Peanut butter and banana quesadillas are a sweet breakfast treat or late-night dessert. The delicious combination of sticky peanut butter and fruity banana is mouth-watering. This golden goodness only takes five minutes to make. The only ingredients needed...

Salad in jar provides simple snack

By Katie Lavelle | February 3, 2014

A salad jar is a mess-free brain food to whip up before running out to catch the bus.This convenient snack or meal gives students one less thing to worry about when battling the cold. They can be prepared early to last the whole week, too.Start with a...

Childhood holiday movies spark spirit

By Katie Lavelle | December 3, 2013

Childhood holiday movies are a fun and nostalgic experience during winter break.Here’s a few of my favorite holiday movies as a kid:“A Christmas Story”I hope students anticipate seeing “A Christmas Story” on every channel soon. Even though Ralphie...

Place small peanut butter cups on top of the melting snowman cookie like a hat. 

Snowman cookies stay frosty

By Katie Lavelle | December 3, 2013

Get into the winter spirit with melted snowman cookies.This cookie recipe is not only perfect for the holidays, but it is a great dessert to make that impresses friends and family.The ingredients needed are one roll of refrigerated sugar cookies, one...

Mouthwatering cookies fix Thanksgiving sweet tooth

By Katie Lavelle | November 25, 2013

The fun doesn’t have to stop after you finish the turkey. These delicious Thanksgiving treats are creative and easy to make. These recipes were inspired by Pinterest.Pilgrim Hat CookiesPilgrim Hat Cookies are a delicious dessert to share with friends...

Art Box shows DeKalb roots

Art Box shows DeKalb roots

By Katie Lavelle | November 17, 2013

It was a humbling experience to see locals support DeKalb artists at The Art Box, 308 E. Lincoln Highway, Friday.An opening art exhibition featured Midwest Roots, a group of local artists from the Midwest who display their artwork together.I really enjoyed...

Odd fashion trends refuse to leave NIU

By Katie Lavelle | November 12, 2013

As students’ outfits change to adjust to the cold weather, three trends have started sticking out.Leather leggingsIt’s no surprise leather leggings are trending on campus because most people can pull them off.Leather leggings are a healthy dose of...

Older horror films still loved

By Katie Lavelle | October 29, 2013

Classic horror movies from the ’70s and ’80s are scarier than anything produced today.New scary movies don’t have the unique touch of older ones because they have become too predictable.Being chased with murderers holding chain saws, facing nightmares...

Supernatural dessert

By Katie Lavelle | October 28, 2013

Dirt and worms couldn’t taste any better than they do in a classic Halloween dessert: pudding dirt cups.The dessert makes for a great spooky dish to bring to any Halloween party. Pudding dirt cups don’t sound appealing but are delicious and fun to...

Make it rain

By Katie Lavelle | October 23, 2013

Beatles fans don’t need a time machine to listen to the band’s hit songs live. Fans will have a chance to see RAIN: A Tribute to the Beatles 7:30 p.m. today at the Convocation Center.

RAIN plays an assortment of Beatles songs.

“I am a big Beatles fan, and I have all their music on my iPod,” said senior kinesiology major Jake Ackert. “I grew up listening to them with my parents. I think the concert will [have] a good turnout.”

The tribute band is changing its performance with a range of tracks it has never played before.

“RAIN adds even more hits ... the vast anthology of Beatles classics such as ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand,’ ‘Hard Day’s Night,’ ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,’ ‘Let It Be,’ ‘Come Together’ and ‘Hey Jude,’” according to

Down to their clothes, instruments and hair, members of RAIN provide their audience with a Beatles concert experience.

Some students are anticipating the connection they can make with the ’60s band.

“I like the idea of a Beatles tribute band,” said junior biology major Aaron Slaven. “It seems like a cool concert because they are really giving you the full effect of being at an actual Beatles concert.”

Smore bites recipe

S’more bites recipe

By Katie Lavelle | October 14, 2013

Learn how to bake an easy s'more dessert. Song by The Spectacular Fantastic. 

Homecoming party playlist

By Katie Lavelle | October 9, 2013

“Home” by Jack JohnsonJunior pre-physical therapy major Mike Termena“Too Much” by DrakeSenior biology major Alex Larson“Royals” by LordeSophomore marketing major Carly Christenson“All Over the Road” by Easton CorbinJunior marketing major...