Snowman cookies stay frosty


Place small peanut butter cups on top of the melting snowman cookie like a hat. 

By Katie Lavelle

Get into the winter spirit with melted snowman cookies.

This cookie recipe is not only perfect for the holidays, but it is a great dessert to make that impresses friends and family.

The ingredients needed are one roll of refrigerated sugar cookies, one bag of small peanut butter cups and a variety pack of sprinkles. A pack of orange and brown sprinkles works, too.

The first step is to place each sugar cookie on the baking sheet. Place the cookies in the oven, and set the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes.

It is important to let the cookies completely cool off before adding frosting. After the cookies are cooled, add frosting. Add a thicker amount of frosting to the middle of the cookie for a melted snowman look.

Cut some small peanut butter cups down the middle after you’ve frosted the cookies. Place the treats on the thick layer of frosting so they look like hats.

The next step is to create the eyes and mouth of the snowman. This can be difficult for shaky hands, so I use a tweezer to place the eyes and mouth sprinkles on the cookie.

Place the brown sprinkles under the hat to form the eyes. Place the orange sprinkle anywhere under the eyes so the snowman looks like its melting.

Let the frosting harden before serving the snowman cookie.