Supernatural dessert

By Katie Lavelle

Dirt and worms couldn’t taste any better than they do in a classic Halloween dessert: pudding dirt cups.

The dessert makes for a great spooky dish to bring to any Halloween party. Pudding dirt cups don’t sound appealing but are delicious and fun to make.

The ingredients needed are Oreo cookies, instant chocolate pudding and gummy worms. Make the instant pudding by whisking together 2 cups of cold milk and one package of instant chocolate pudding for two minutes. Let the pudding stand for five minutes to thicken, and then stir in frozen Cool Whip topping.

Start by removing the filling from the Oreos with a spoon. Place the Oreos into a large zip-top bag, and use a rolling pin or your hand to crush the Oreos into small pieces. Place the half cup of crushed Oreo pieces into the pudding and stir together until it has a dirt-like appearance.

Stir well so the ingredients are mixed together. If it ends up as a lighter brown, add more crushed Oreos to give it a darker, dirty look.

Spoon the ingredients into the cups. Sprinkle more crushed cookies over the pudding mix. Place two gummy worms on top of each pudding cup to give it the spooky effect.

Place the cups into the fridge so the pudding can gain a thicker texture.