Day of the Dead event celebrates life


The Latino Resource Center hosted a Day of the Dead gathering and festivity Thursday. Marycarmen Ruiz (center), junior communicative disorders major, dressed as painter Frida Kahlo for the festivities.

By Jack Manning

The Latino Resource Center celebrated the lives of the deceased and attendees ate traditional Pan de Los Muertos — bread of the dead — at an event Thursday.

Day of the Dead is a celebration that stems from Latino tradition. For the Day of the Dead celebration, tables are set up in honor of the deceased. The Latino Resource Center had tables set up by groups, like Alpha Sigma Omega and Tau Phi Sigma, and then had one member from each group explain what their table meant and who was represented.

“In my family, when we honor somebody we put their favorite food or we put things that they loved to do, so it’s nice to see that here,” said Lizbeth Roman, sophomore community leadership and civic engagement major.

Objects of special importance to the person represented are placed on the table that honors the individual.

“You’re not really celebrating the individuals’ deaths,” said junior management major Jeanette Bonilla. “What you’re celebrating is their lives and everything they really liked.”

The Latino Resource Center does not exclude anybody from participating in the event, so students from backgrounds where the celebration was not normally practiced were able to take part, some for the first time.

“I’m from Peru … and in Peru we don’t have it, but we enjoy the whole collaboration with family, remembering as well as just having fun with it,” said senior marketing major Kevin Andres Oliva Vicente.

This is the second year the center has celebrated this event, and the turnout was better than it was last year, Oliva Vicente said. The organizers plan on continuing this event in years to come.

“This event brings the memories of the celebrated and shows that those people are still within our heart,” said Evanjelina Arredondo, senior human resources major. “And the whole unity of bringing famous Latinos who did something important for our country.”