Eat Holmes cooked meal

By Patrick Pastrana

The chefs at Ellington’s restaurant in the Holmes Student Center cooked up meals that made students feel closer to home Tuesday.

Ellington’s students hosted their Holmes Away From Home event. The menu choices were considered dishes that would remind students of home.

On each table, guests were given a basket of crispy kale chips. Although the options were odd, they were delicious. Kale chips are a somewhat unusual starter, but it was very unique. Although tasteful, the chips had more salt than necessary.

The roasted red pepper and tomato soup was phenomenal. The soup’s zesty flavor made it one to remember. It captivated the taste buds. The perfect addition was the Parmesan crisp on top. Dipping the crisp into the soup created a wonderful combination of cheese and tomato.

The turkey mushroom meatloaf cupcakes deserve an award. The dish consisted of two portions of turkey meatloaf frosted with a blend of sweet potato and russet potato. Alongside the meatloaf were strips of roasted lemon asparagus. Homemade ketchup was added in the meatloaf for a boost of flavor. The so-called frosting complemented the tender meatloaf. Roasted lemon asparagus was given in thick pieces, and they were all juicy.

Picking the dessert was definitely a challenge for every sweet tooth, but the banana chocolate pudding parfait was incredible. It was served with crumbs of Nilla wafers and whipped cream. The pudding was silky smooth. Slices of banana were sweet, and the cracker crumbs weren’t too soggy or too crunchy. The chocolate pudding was a perfect dessert.