New House owners a fresh start for venue

By Northern Star Editorial Board

The Editorial Board has high hopes for The House Cafe’s new ownership.

The House, 263 E. Lincoln Highway, was purchased by Anthony Solario, Lisa Cowley and Corey Twombly in October.

The House has always provided a sense of community that’s unlike that of other local music venues.

It’s one of the only places in DeKalb where one can see a 15-year-old and a 65-year-old enjoying the same concert. Because of The House’s impact on NIU and DeKalb culture, the Editorial Board thinks the new owners should address two issues: a lack of communication with the public and a need to bring in the college demographic.

Stronger publicity is crucial for the future success of The House. Its website,, is down, and the owners should focus on getting it back up as soon as possible. Having a well-maintained website is vital to promote events and engage with the surrounding community.

Another way to communicate more effectively to NIU and DeKalb would be to have news releases when bigger bands or entertainers are scheduled to perform.

Doing that would give more college students a reason to stay on campus over the weekend, and as a result bring DeKalb’s community more closely together.

The Editorial Board thinks that although The House does a good job collecting a range of people, increasing the college presence would boost a crucial age group of DeKalb.

The House Cafe should not only strengthen its ties with the community, but reach out to more popular bands and entertainers throughout Illinois and the country.

Electronic dance music and cover bands have become popular among students this semester. Regardless of the venue, accurately reflecting the community’s interest in music has always resulted in a strong following.

Though The House Cafe’s tendency is to stick with traditional rock, jazz and folk shows, the owners should consider expanding the genres performed on their stage.

In addition, live performances at The House should not be limited to music. Entertainer Steve-O performed at the Holmes Student Center in October, stand-up comedian Doug Stanhope performed at Otto’s Pub and Grille in October and stand-up comedian Lewis Black performed at the Egyptian Theater in March. The three shows all had large turnouts.

The House Cafe should also consider attracting students with different forms of art: comedy, poetry and dance.

Even though The House has included all three, the new owners should consider them equally as important as a musical performance.

The new ownership of The House is a great opportunity for a fresh start. The Editorial Board hopes the new owners consider these changes.