Winter beers bring comfort to cold nights


By Josh Alfrey

The right winter beer can range from savory and bitter to sugary and spicy. Here’s two great options.

Magic Hat Brewing Company’s Heart of Darkness

Brews do not get much darker than the stout Heart of Darkness. The soothing bittersweet flavors of Heart of Darkness feel like a cozy blanket. This beer has a near-black color with a hint of red and amber. The head is tan and looks sweet.

Heart of Darkness includes a great roasted smell perfect for cold nights. Make sure to pour this bottle into a glass for the full experience. Bottles lock away beers’ aroma, which greatly affects the sense of taste.

Heart of Darkness brings a sugar and dark bitter chocolate which comes together as a savory drink. The heavy beer sinks me into a seat next to a warm fire. Heart of Darkness is an ideal comfort for the brutal winter weather.

New Belgium Brewing’s Accumulation

The white India pale ale is sweet and refreshing, like the first snowfall of the cold winter months.

This beer pours out as a hazy yellow color almost like a summer beer, but the scent tips it off with some sweet Christmas flavors. The head of the beer has a small, white and foamy layer that gently lies on top of the delicious brew.

Herbs and citrus notes complement the strong hops of Accumulation’s aroma. The smell reminds me of Christmas pomanders made from oranges and cloves and used to decorate homes.

Drinking this pale ale is a sweet treat that contrasts the dark Heart of Darkness. It is light yet strong and features complex flavors. Accumulation feels like a holiday party drink instead of a sitting-down-by-a-warm-fire drink. It’s fruity and piney notes brings out the lively spirit of the season.