PS4 shows promising multimedia features

By Josh Alfrey

Next-generation gaming has a strong and dynamic future with the release of PlayStation 4 Nov. 15.

Gamers all over the country lined up for hours to get their hands on the new hardware. The system has more than 20 launch titles, so PS4 enthusiasts will not be bored with their purchase. With upgrades to the system and tons of innovative online features, this console offers a lot to gaming.

Sony’s social gaming focus is made apparent in its PlayStation Network and PlayStation Plus features. Sony is pushing gaming to the forefront of the Web with many ways to connect players to Facebook and social media.

The DualShock 4 controller has now added a share button which gives gamers a direct way to put screenshots and video online. I might not be the biggest fan of spamming my friends with game content, but having this option is definitely interesting.

Outside of gaming, there are plenty of entertainment applications on the system. Through the PlayStation Network, people can access Netflix, NBA Game Time and Music Unlimited.

These additions move the PlayStation 4 into an all-around entertainment system. PlayStation continues to support Blu-ray for HD movies, as well. All of this together in one system makes the new console accessible to the masses. This video game console is not limited to gamers; however, that doesn’t mean gaming purists should be afraid of a lack of game features. The new system delivers 1080p and 60fps graphics. Needless to say, the games run smoothly and look incredible.

Some content that got me excited for this new console includes the live game streaming access from the system. Players are capable of streaming their gameplay straight to or Gamers can watch their friends play live through PlayStation Network.

With countless sharing and social media features, it is evident that gaming is heading to a more public sphere. This console pushes a lot onto gamers but still offers a great experience.

Launch titles look weak with “Killzone Shadow Fall” and “Battlefield 4,” but plenty of exciting games are in the pipeline.