Faculty present artwork at show


Michael Rea, assistant professor and artist, explains the details of his sculpture entitled “Quid Pro Quo” made from wood, pink foam, wood-fill and rope during Nov. 21’s  School of Art Faculty Exhibition at Altgeld Hall.

By Melissa Boylan

Students can see thought-provoking artistic abilities during the School of Art Faculty Biennial.

The show began Thursday at Altgeld Hall and will run until Feb. 15. The museum has two sections in which attendees can walk back and forth.

Going into the first room sparks interest almost immediately. The collection is very diverse with paintings, drawings, sculptures and photography making up the majority of the work presented. One piece that catches the eye is a large, untitled inkjet print by art instructor Jessica Labatte. The deep, black print brings the beautifully bright, colorful shapes to light and brought an amazingly shocking image to life. The most surprising part about this piece is upon first glance, it appears to be a painting; however, it is actually a photograph. Labatte used colorful lights and broken pieces of a mirror to illuminate her image.

Another impressive piece was a wooden sculpture titled “Quid Pro Quo” by associate professor Michael Rea. The wooden piece is shaped half like a bathroom stall and half like a prison cell. It has a few images carved into it representing the film “The Silence of the Lambs.”

“The thresholds between interior and exterior are ambiguous, placing the viewer as an unsuspected occupant within these interchangeable sites,” Rea said.

The piece has many angles to it, and depending on which direction you are looking at it from can completely change the image.

“Tonight our instructors have definitely proven their authority in the classroom,” said Melvin Williams, senior studio art major.

This show is striking, stimulating and above all thought-provoking. Students should check out what the art faculty can deliver.