Dress like a show star

By Kayla Cameron

Recreating the style of your favorite character on TV is easier than you think.

Most characters have a distinct style that makes them stand out. Although wardrobe designers spend hours creating a distinct outfit, students can recreate these attractive outfits in minutes. Here are two popular television characters whose style can easily be rocked on campus:

Zoe Benson of “American Horror Story”

“Horror Story’s” newest season is set in New Orleans and is about a coven of witches. The show’s wardrobe designers put a stylish twist on the modern witch look.

Zoe, a powerful and important witch, often wears a wide-brimmed black hat with black and white clothing, like a white button-up or black skirt. Zoe’s style reflects that of a hipster who shops at Urban Outfitters.

In the episode “The Replacements,” Zoe donned a white crewneck sweater with black detailing along the shoulders, a black maxi skirt, black combat boots and a black hat. It was a simple and classic outfit that featured clothing pieces definitely found in some students’ closet.

Because her outfit consisted of mostly black garments, finding something to put together isn’t too difficult. Consider a simple black maxi skirt and a plain white sweatshirt. Decorate the shoulders with any black detailing you prefer.

Schmidt of “New Girl”

Not only is Schmidt hilarious on “New Girl,” but he also has a distinct and cool style.

This comedy is about a girl who moves into an apartment with three male roommates. Schmidt’s outfits are always clean-cut but have a touch of urban flare.

Throughout the new season, Schmidt sports V-neck sweaters. Whether he just got out of bed or is hanging out with the gang, Schmidt loves his V-necks. Another notable trendy Schmidt outfit is a solid-color knit cardigan with a button-up dress shirt and a pair of skinny khakis.

Students can easily tie his look together by gelling their hair and whipping out a pair of loafers. Don’t overthink recreating Schmidt’s looks because it’s not too difficult. This stylish outfit looks causal and comfortable yet put together.