Eggsclusive expanding with two new locations

By Keisha Howerth

Eggs are coming to a location near you.

The owners of Sycamore’s Eggsclusive Cafe are excited to bring their restaurant to two other locations. Eggsclusive Cafe, 265 W. Peace Road in Sycamore, is planning to open another Eggsclusive location at 2211 Sycamore Road in DeKalb by March.

The restaurant specializes in breakfast and lunch and is open 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily.

Another location is opening next month at 7105 Cherryvale North Blvd. in Cherry Valley.

“We wanted to make Eggsclusive accessible to the rest of the county,” said Alex Henigan, co-owner of the DeKalb location.

Henigan and lifelong friends and brothers Peter and Dennes Spyratos opened their restaurant in 2008 in the midst of the economic downturn. They were able to find success through word of mouth.

“I always try to bring new people with me when I come,” said regular customer Wanda Wasserman. “They always give time to the customers and talk to them.”

Peter Spyratos said there are many nice restaurants in the area for dinner but not many for breakfast. The owners wanted to put a modern spin on the morning meal and put it in an upscale location.

They spend a lot of time experimenting on new dishes to keep the menu fresh.

“It’s a long process, creating the menu,” Spyratos said. “We’ve changed it four times in the five years we’ve been open.”

Once the Eggsclusive in DeKalb opens, one owner will be present at each location.

“We want to take care of each customer and treat them well,” Henigan said. “We also like to keep them involved with what we’re doing on our Facebook page.”