Dogs and Katz come together in new park

By Ryan Chodora

DeKalb could see its first dog park as soon as one month from now.

The DeKalb Park District has voted to build a temporary

no-leash dog park on one of the softball fields in Katz Park on Dresser Road. The park district will install fences around the area where pet owners are able to unleash their dogs.

“As a long-time dog owner, I think it’s a great idea for those of us who have dogs and want to be able to let them get out and run, especially if you’re not a runner yourself. That’s a great way to do it,” said second ward Alderman Bill Finucane.

The dog park is a temporary solution; the park board will determine a future permanent dog park based on its reception. Katz Park was chosen because use of the four softball fields in the park has declined in recent years. When a solution has been determined, the temporary dog park will resume its intended use as a softball field.

“This was the quickest way to get something going,” said Per Faivre, vice president of the DeKalb Park District.

Faivre said the temporary dog park will be around for at least

one year.

“I think it makes sense to have a defined area for dog owners to walk safely,” said Mayor John Rey.

Faivre said the main reason DeKalb doesn’t have a dog park is due to funding.

Dog owners will be responsible for keeping after their pets.

“The citizens that use the park will be responsible for their own dog waste cleanup,” Fairve said. “The park is not going to be

going out there and cleaning up dog waste.”