Senior wants to fuse science, service


By Jack Manning

Senior biology major Bernard Chestleigh hopes to join the Peace Corps one day.

Student Spotlight is a once-weekly series that highlights campus individuals.

Northern Star: What is something you are proud of?

Bernard Chestleigh: I’m proud of being the vice president of the Forensics Team. I am also proud of being a senior.

NS: Tell me more about the Forensics Team.

BC: The Forensics Team is speech and debate, so I do both; however, I do a majority of the interp events where we interpret literature, poetry, prose, drama, and we also perform it.

NS: What is your favorite type of poetry?

BC: I would say spoken word poetry is my favorite type because when you can hear not only the author, but that way that the author would express those words. To me it just makes a lot more sense than to read it and wonder what the author’s intent is and how expressive they wanted to be with the words. I’m a visual learner, and it really helps to hear the words put in the author’s context.

NS: What are your plans for the next five years?

BC: I am going to go to community college for one year to get a certification that goes along with my biology degree. I am also going to apply for medical school and see if I get in. After that I was also planning on joining the Peace Corps for two years and doing some lab work with them. After that I would go to medical school if I got in, but if not I would use that certification from the community college to go into the work force.